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'Same Old Story' OUT NOW

It fills me with so much joy to announce my new single 'Same Old Story' is out now on all platforms!

Click here (linktree) to play the song!

I wrote this song in late 2019 after so many years observing how much they have manipulated through fear.

I feel especially in this crucial period in history, where we are seeing all of humanity bombarded with lies and deceit, now more than ever it's so important to stand for something, so we don't risk falling for everything!

As an artist and a creative, I feel that it's so important that I try to reflect what is happening around us, in my own unique way.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this track, and I will be releasing the video next week - so stay tuned for that, on my youtube channel, subscribe by clicking here!

Also there are a couple of very special remix versions coming out soon, so watch this space!!

Peace and love to you always,



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