Gavin Holligan is a singer-songwriter hailing from London, UK.
With fervent melodies, honest lyrics and heart-stopping performances, Gavin's soulful blend of Folk & Jazz has captured the hearts of many.

"Music that can make you think, music that can make you relax. A real, authentic and soulful voice."
Judi Love - BBC Radio London


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Tribute to my friends! (The night after the night before)...

Honour must be given, where it is due, so, here goes, in no particular order of importance... Junior Hall - For sowing into my vision when everyone else wasn't too bothered, I can't thank you enough, you saved the day! Pablo Knight - For your impeccable sound, I know I am always in good hands when your on the board, you always make the difference, everyone was blown away with the sonics, YOU ARE 'THAT' GUY! Jimmy Dub Trouble - For your unwavering support, temperament and skill! Every time things look overwhelmingly impossible, you are right on hand to help to just make it happen, Your input is priceless to me! Luke Smith - For always having my back come rain or shine, they just don't 'make e


© 2017 by Gavin Holligan.

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