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Tribute to my friends! (The night after the night before)...

Live on stage at the Reg hedge Hog.. With Special guest and younger sibling, Emily Holligan

Honour must be given, where it is due, so, here goes, in no particular order of importance...

Junior Hall - For sowing into my vision when everyone else wasn't too bothered, I can't thank you enough, you saved the day!

Pablo Knight - For your impeccable sound, I know I am always in good hands when your on the board, you always make the difference, everyone was blown away with the sonics, YOU ARE 'THAT' GUY!

Jimmy Dub Trouble - For your unwavering support, temperament and skill! Every time things look overwhelmingly impossible, you are right on hand to help to just make it happen, Your input is priceless to me!

Luke Smith and Rachel from audience, taking a picture with me!

Luke Smith - For always having my back come rain or shine, they just don't 'make em' like you anymore! Thank you for breathing so much life and greatness to my journey, I promise, The best is yet to come!

Declan Wynn - For your amazing ability to be brilliant all the time! I have so enjoyed our organic chats during my ’time out' at the cafe, and your presence and skill in the room went far beyond just on the cameras! Thank you for making the time and effort to run with my artistic vision!

Mia Konstantinova - For your unparalleled work ethic and attention to detail, you never cease to amaze me! I have major respect for you.. You always bring so much to this team, stay brilliant, and with a mind like yours, there is nothing you can't achieve!

Roger Rusell - it's hard to understand how you are so creatively gifted, hard working and easy to work with! You were so instrumental in ensuring the event was what it was meant to be, I appreciate you being there for me without flinching on the front line!

Chidi Melton - For your consistent positivity, and all round fabulousness. For sure, you are one of a kind, the event was only possible because you got in the trenches and dug till it was done, and done well! Only someone of high calibre could facilitate this mammoth task, I can't thank you enough!

Emily Holligan, with Singer-songwriter Stella Betton

Emily Holligan - For always pushing and pulling until I am in the right place, and forever adding without taking away.. I won't move unless you're there, and let's not forget, your vocals were lit last night! Stay amazing in every way, the world needs more souls like you!

Charlie Morton - For getting the best out of me, by giving the best you got! It’s fair to say, you always go in hard, and you get it DONE, You play what I feel, effortlessly, minimum fuss, maximum results! So much love for you Sir!

Alex Montaque - For adding so much to me in so many ways seen and invisible, I am always honoured to share the 'stage' with you, your talent is profound! Every time I think of

you, I feel honoured, and that feeling was compounded after another heroic performance from you, Thanks a million times over!

Louis Van Der Westhuizen - For your professionalism and dedication to my music, in such a short space of time! I hope this the first of many, you brought a fantastic vibe to the songs! I appreciate you, and I’m so glad I nailed the pronunciation! (inside joke lol)

Marijus Aleksa - For your magical knack for playing the right things in the right way, every time, In my book, there are very few that can rival your musicianship Sir, I'm privileged to have you on the recordings and now to perform with you!

Jason Ansere - For going out of your way to be an asset to the team, you are a part of the family, remember that my bro!

Sharlene Hector - For dabbing me off camera in the afternoon shoots, can't believe I was getting dabbed by a Supashar!! (See what I did there!! lol), you were 'ever-present' in every way, that means a lot to me and says a lot about you. A warm internet embrace sent out from me to!

Aylwin Steele - For your patience, warmth and favour towards me in my chaos lol, it's always nice to be reminded that not all people are not fair-weather friends, I'm blessed to know you!

Vina Rose - For continually going the extra mile for me, your impact on my artistry can't be denied, I am grateful to know you, I value you immensely!

Aadam Ishmael - For your time, your heart, and your genius, you have been a catalyst in so many ways, tackling so much of the mammoth job at the back end, I don't think I could have had the courage to face some of the hurdles if it were not for you! Thank you a million times!

To EVERYONE that came out to support my first Artistic display of forthcoming the art I have been preparing - I will forever cherish the evening that we shared together on July 10th 2017, playing new music, sharing our stories and remembering exactly who we are born to be, A BUNDLE OF LOVE, WITH ALL THE TRIMMINGS!!!

I appreciate last one of you dearly!!! I hope you stay with me on this journey!


Gavin Holligan

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