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I am so excited to announce that my single 'No Man Is An Island' is now available on all major DSPs.

Click here to play the song on Spotify…

Here’s a bit of background to my single… On my way to training with West Ham United FC, I heard the disturbing news of the increasing level of violence within the youth in the UK. Even though Football was my profession, I reacted the best way I knew how, by expressing myself through song, which became my newly released single ’No Man Is An Island’. I have been waiting for the right moment to release this song, and with the current world affairs and the potential looming mental health crisis, now is most definitely the time.

With so many feeling low and isolated, the message of ‘No Man Is An Island’ feels undeniably poignant, so please share with anyone you feel might need to hear this right now… let’s continue to ‘change the world one heart at a time’.

Lastly, let’s all keep looking out for each other, no matter race, gender, age, religious persuasion or any other barrier that so often divides us.

Peace and love to you always,



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