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Thank You For Coming Out!!!

What an utterly epic night it was at the 606 Club on Sunday!!

The Atmosphere was electric, and what a surprise with a the enormous stunning cake!? That's gonna take weeks, if not months to finish if I don't give some away LOL!!

Just wanted to say to everyone that came, thank you so much! I really appreciate your time, your energy, your kind words and your support, it really means a lot to me. I will be preparing for the next single release, but I will be buzzing from the album launch for a weeks to come, I can assure you of that!

The Band on the night, Drums - James Nall, Percussion - Richard Olatunde Baker, Upright Bass - Edoardo Bombace, Guitar - Joseph Whettam, Organ - Luke Smith, Piano - Alex Montaque, Vocals & Wurlitzer (& Piano) - Gavin Holligan.

If you would like to be updated on future gigs, be sure to be subscribed to the mailing list (found on the homepage here).

The Album (I Need A Song) will be made available for purchase in the coming days, if you would like to purchase a copy, I will send out info on this shortly. Look forward to seeing you soon!

G x

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Chrissie Williams
Chrissie Williams
Jun 30, 2022

So looking forward to the album!! Whoop whoop 🙌

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