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When Boys Become Men - LATEST SINGLE (OUT NOW)!


A massive thank you to everyone who has downloaded or streamed this song, it really means a lot to me!

This song was at a period in time when I felt I was being backed into a corner that I never wanted to be in, and I was somewhat forced to ‘dig in my heels’, against all opposition.

The lyrics subtly nod to my football days gone by, but they are equally relevant to any scenario where we find ourselves fighting as a lone soldier!

I feel especially in this crucial period in history, where we are seeing all of humanity bombarded with lies and deceit, now more than ever it's so important to stand for something, so we don't risk falling for everything! We can either be victims, or victors!!!

My first performance of the song was in Summer of 2017, in front of a very intimate audience, it went down very well!!!

I recorded this piece in no less than 5 studio locations, including Snap Studios (Manor House), Hackney Road Studios (Hackney) Brown House Studios (Tooting), Subfrantic Studios (Keston), and Press Play Studios (Bermondsey) to name a few.

The mix was done by a few friends and I, (namely Fabrice Lemuel, and Jimmie Dub Trouble who also mastered the track)

Please continue to stream and download the song, and if you particularly enjoy it, then sharing it with your friends and family is also welcome, as it goes a long way in supporting me!

There is another (full length) version that is unreleased, I am really looking forward to sharing that with you as this version is actually a cut down edit!

Stay tuned, stay blessed.

Lots of Love



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